Heroes' Contract Pack Information


Dear Rulers enjoying Force of Will.

We're announcing that extra PR cards will be added to each box of the next set "The War of the Suns" that'll be released on 24th February 2023.


- Details of the pack

Each box will include a PR pack "Heroes' Contract Pack “.

The pack will contain five cards, one of them will be a “Twin Deathscythe, Severing Scythe // Deathscythe Chronogear" and four cards sealed randomly from within selected eleven cards of contract and J-Ruler in Hero Cluster 1st Set "A New World Emerges..." and 2nd Set "The Underworld of Secrets".

It will only be included in the first printed products as usual.


Check the list of cards below.

*These cards will be non-foiled on both sides.


List of cards

HCP-001 The Flight of the Holy Sword // Excalibur Chronogear

HCP-002 The Flight of the Demon Sword // Laevateinn Chronogear

HCP-003 Decree of Absolution // Messiah

HCP-004 Extract of the Fire Moon // Berserker

HCP-005 Grandfather's Research Project // Justice

HCP-006 Launch of Megiddo // Mover of Worlds

HCP-007 Memory of Worlds // Recorder of Worlds

HCP-008 Divine Lightning // Predator

HCP-009 Metamorphosis // Dendrobium

HCP-010 Rocket Dive // Pink Spider

HCP-011 Soul Absorption // The Ethereal King

HCP-012 Twin Deathscythe, Severing Scythe // Deathscythe Chronogear