Force of Will Grand War


Dear Rulers,


The first "Grand War" is about to begin.

The "Grand War" is an event where Rulers are divided into Heroes and Gears camps and compete for points.

Points are not awarded to the camp that the ruler you used belongs, but to the camp that you support.

Rulers are encouraged to play as many games as possible to support a camp to get the promo you want. The promo of the camp with more points will be issued with special art.

Please keep submitting your games for each camp's victory!



Event Period:

April 15 - May 2, 2023


How to participate:

Build a deck using the deck construction rules below.

It is a good idea to take a picture of your deck list ahead of time for convenience.

Play against opponents participating in the same event.

Take a photo of the last board you played.

Submit the game result through the form in the next section.


*Your deck-list based on submitted images may be published.

*You can submit as many times as you like in a day.

*Games can be played through online.

*The same person can play against the same opponent with the same deck.

*Photos you submitted will not be published.


Ways to submit your game:

Please prepare two images for submission.

1) A picture of your deck laidout.

2) A picture of the final board of the game.

There are two ways to submit.

1.      If you have SNS account (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook), please post the two images you prepared on your SNS and include the URL of your post in the SNS URL field on the submission form linked below.

2.      If you do not have an SNS account, please upload the two images directly from the second submission form below. (*This submission method requires a Google account.)


Submission through SNS URL:


Submission with images:



PR card

NWE-082 The Flight of the Holy Sword // Excalibur Chronogear (Poster illustrated version)

NWE-098 The Flight of the Demon Sword // Laevateinn Chronogear (Poster illustrated version)