Introduction to the New Keyword abilities for Duel Cluster


[Force Command] and [Force Resonance]


Today, we will introduce new Keywords! First, let us introduce the new Ruler from the Villains Deck!


[Force Command] is a unique ability of the new rulers.

As long as you control a ruler with [Force Command] , cards you control with [Force Resonance] will get additional abilities in all zones.

Let's use some new cards to explain the keyword further!


If you control "Odin, God of War", you gain the abilities of [Force Resonance] !


This ability shows the unique ability of the different High Gods. Due to the diverse attributes and characteristics of different Rulers, there will be significant differences to their [Force Command] as well!

[Tales] and [Villains]


In the story of this cluster, the main characters are divided into two camps: Tales and Villains.

Between ruler area, deck and magic stone deck, players are only allowed to use one of these two keywords, similar to [Will of Despair] and [Will of Hope]. So including a card with [Tales] prevents the player from using cards with [Villains] and vice versa. This rule does not apply to the sideboard, which may contain cards with [Tales] and cards with [Villains].


The Tales’ camp are characters connected to Re-Earth, such as Nyarlathotep and Kaguya. The Villains' camp includes Loki, Shiva, and other characters involved with the enemies in Valhalla.


Cards with [Tales] or [Villains] will have their respective symbols shown on the card.


If you have [Tales] or [Villains], there will be a symbol behind the card ability!

The card preview starts tomorrow, so stay tuned!


New Frontier Format Rotation


Currently, the cards that can be used in New Frontier are those that are included in the following products.


Saga Cluster:

- Saga Cluster 1st "The Epic of the Dragon Lord"

- Saga Cluster 2nd "The Magic Stone War - Zero"

- Saga Cluster 2.5 "Rebirth of Legend"

- Saga Cluster 3rd "Assault into the Demonic World"

- Saga Cluster 4th "The Seventh"



- Alice Origin 1st Booster Pack

- Alice Origin 1st Start Deck

- Alice Origin 2nd Booster Pack

- Alice Origin 2nd Start Deck

- Alice Origin 3rd Booster Pack

- GHOST IN THE SHELL SAC_2045 Starter Deck

- GHOST IN THE SHELL SAC_2045 Booster Pack

Alice Origin 4th “Prologue of Attoractia”


Please note that once Duel Cluster's Game of Gods is released, Alice ORIGIN will no longer be available in New Frontier!