Introduction of “Judgment of the Rogue Planet” vol.2


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We are going to introduce Hero Cluster 6th booster set “Judgment of the Rogue Planet” and explain new mechanisms in it.

This is the second article of them, we let show new two keyword skills for you.

The cards were taken when the product was still under development. The actual product may look different.


Have you watched the official video about the concepts of Judgment of the Rogue Planet”? If you have not, please check it!

The Last Set of the Hero Cluster. [ FoW News Vol 26 ]



1.    New Keyword Skill – [Solarisation]

Let’s look at some actual cards!



[Solarisation] (number)’ is a continuous ability, and it means;
‘As you play this card, you may put (number) non-magic stone card(s) that share an attribute with this card from your removed area on the bottom of your deck in any order. If you do, you pay [number] less to play this card.’.


For example, If you play a light card with [Solarisation], put light cards from your removed area on the bottom of your deck but you cannot put non-light cards or magic stones.