Errata Information


Dear Rulers,


With the launch of the extra booster pack MASTERPIECE 01 “Pilgrim-Memories”, we are announcing the following errata.



Errata on new cards

Errata on MP01-010 “Mirror of Chaos”


New Text:

[Extension Rule] (This card cannot be in any deck. You may start the game with up to one extension rule in your extension rule area.)


If you have exactly four cards named “Pandora’s Box of Hope” and four cards named “Pandora’s Box of Despair” in your deck, you may start the game with exactly two rulers you own named "Pandora, Girl of the Box" that don't share a name on their J-ruler side as starting rulers.


As the game starts, if you don't control two rulers named "Pandora, Girl of the Box", expel this card.


You pay [1] less to play the judgment process of rulers you control named "Pandora, Girl of the Box" for each Relic addition you control.


[W] or [D]: Put a non-chant card with "Pandora" in its name from your hand into the field.


Apply the effects of this card already during deck construction and setup.