D3 Q&A Correction


Dear Rulers,

Thanks to our sharp-eyed judges, they spotted an error in the D3 Questions and Answers article, and we have confirmed with our development team and would like to apologise for the ruling error made in the article.

Game of Gods Revolution (D3) Questions and Answers: https://fowtcg.com/posts/68


Question: Do I have to discard three cards if I somehow get to play this card during any End Phase?
Answer: Yes. If you somehow play this card during the End Phase, then the automatic ability will trigger at the beginning of the End Phase of the next turn, as it is a delayed automatic ability.

Question: If I have Zweihunter and 4 other Machines of different names revealed outside the game, do I pay [Darkness] 3 will or [Darkness] 7 wills to play Zweihunter from outside the game?
Answer: You will have to pay [Darkness] 3 wills to play it. The reduction in costs will apply after its alternative cost, just as how it is reflected in the Comprehensive Rules 903.2k:

1) Alternative costs – Effects with “rather than paying its cost”

2) Cost removal – Effects with “without paying its cost”

3) Cost increase – Effects that causes players to “pay more”

4) Cost decrease – Effects that causes players to “pay less”