To all players who are enjoying FORCE OF WILL


First of all, we would like to apologize.

We have made everyone uneasy about the fact that we announced this AI illustration project on the video without sufficient explanation about this project.

We are very sorry.


The purpose of this project is to " try to incorporate a few AI-based illustrations into FORCE OF WILL cards on an experimental basis."


It means that this time, there are 9 potential cards in H3. (R 1 copy, N 8 copies).

We will carefully consider the number of cards to be used for AI in the future based on your feedback; we do not plan to use these AI for SR or Ruler. Also, we anticipate that the illustrations we make with AI this time will not be perfect, so the creators will do a final brush-up.


This is an experimental question from us, FOW, about the public's evaluation of the use of AI as a tool.


That is, rather than denying the tool of AI as a manufacturer, we wondered if we could try to recognize it as a new tool. There are many problems that need to be cleared, but on the other hand, it can be predicted that AI will make the production work of painters dramatically more efficient in the future.

However, we believe that unless the manufacturers who use the illustrations take the initiative and publicly declare their use, awareness of this issue will not spread.

Just as face-to-face meetings that used to involve cumbersome travel have been reduced by the use of web conferencing.


These were our intentions for this project and this AI illustration project on YouTube, and we apologize for not explaining it to you at all. We also felt how much you guys love the artwork of FORCE OF WILL. We appreciate it very much. Thank you.


We want to keep FORCE OF WILL going for a long time to come. On top of that we promise to continue to improve the quality of our products, including various projects, card systems, and of course, artwork, and to explore every day how we can give this back to all of our players.



We are also planning to hold the WGP in Osaka next year. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Thank you.